Geller Cash Register, Geller Till, Geller Vectron

Geller Cash Register, Geller Till, Geller Vectron


Gellers Have Ceased Trading

Unfortunately Geller Business Equipment Ltd went into voluntary liquidation and stopped trading back in August 2012.

We are Advance Cash Register Limited and used to be a Geller agent for many years. We have NOT bought or taken over Geller’s business and are NOT connected with Geller in any way, and we are NOT liable for any of their responsabilities, we have only obtained this domain name. You can contact us by clicking here. If you have a Geller Vectron till system please contact us and we will try to put you in contact with a Vectron agent to assist you.


Do You Have An Error Message Displayed On Your Geller Cash Register?

If your Geller cash register is giving some kind of error message on the screen or giving a constant error beep tone, you can try the following to see if it will clear the problem for you.

1. First take out and remove the till receipt roll (and journal till roll if it has one)

2. Then make sure there is not any till receipt paper or journal paper stuck anywhere in the printer(s). If there is then very carefully remove it without damaging the printer(s)

3. Correctly re-insert the receipt and journal paper

4. Now turn the control lock key to the “P2” position (or “P” or “Pgm”)

5. Turn the power switch off to the till leaving the key in the above position

6. Wait for 5 seconds and then turn the power switch back on again leaving the key in the above position

7. Now turn the control key back to the “R” position (or “Reg” position) to see if the error is now resolved