Geller Cash Registers

Geller Cash Register SX-690

Geller Geller Cash Register SX-690

Unfortunately Geller Business Equipment Limited ceased trading in August 2012.

We areĀ Advance Cash Register Limited and for many years were a Geller agent andĀ have obtained this domain name.

You can call our office to see if we are able to help you with your enquiry.


Tel: 0333 772 0040



Got An Error On Your Till?

If your Geller cash register is giving some kind of error message on the screen or giving a constant error beep tone, you can try the following to see if it will clear the problem for you.


1. Turn the key to the “P2” position (or “P” or “Pgm”)

2. Turn the power switch off to the till leaving the key in the above position

3. Wait for 5 seconds and then turn the power switch back on again

4. Now turn the key back to the “R” position (or “Reg” position)